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Wowsers! It’s official. My website was born today.

I feel so vulnerable. So exposed.

Is it obvious how shiny and new to the online world I am? Can you see me hiding behind my screen quivering in my boots?

It’s strange really, because as terrified as I am, I’m also super excited. Adrenalin pumping through my veins. Heart fluttering. (Can your heart even flutter? I don’t know… but it sure feels like it is right now!)

This is as risky as it gets for me.

I’ve never done drugs. I’ve never jumped out of a plane. I’ve never skinny-dipped. In fact, I don’t have any desire whatsoever to do any of these things.

I have, however, wanted to own my own business. I have wanted to be a writer. I have wanted to help people live healthy and happy lives.

That’s why this is so damn scary for me. Putting myself out there. Open for the whole world to see. For the internet to remember. For those who I’ve let go of to find a way to reclasp on to me.

This is my own kind of danger. My own kind of adventure. My own way of stepping outside of my comfort zone.

In the past, I’ve never created something and truly owned it (despite my desire to). Everything I wrote or created went through a series of levels of management, different people’s fingers touching it and leaving their mark or stamp of approval, before it was released in to the public. No risks. No responsibility. A few levels of bureaucracy between me and the world. My own little safety net.

Now the safety net is gone.

Here I am. Out in the open. Standing on my lonesome in front of you all. Feet fidgeting. Eyes avoiding your gaze. Heart skipping a beat. Will they like me? Will they like what I have to say? More importantly, can I help them like themselves more?

Then I remember why I am here. How passionate I feel about helping people find and follow their own unique path to wellness, happiness and purpose. How much I know about this topic. How much I’ve lived and breathed this topic. How I’ve essentially been doing it already for most of my adult life.

It’s time to step out of the shadows. Stand in the sun. Embrace it. Feel the warmth on my skin. Be bold. Be brave. Be me. Be confident in my abilities. Listen to my heart. Trust it. Own it.

Acknowledge what the inner critic has to say and then quietly tell it to go the hell a way!

So thank you. Yes, YOU! Thank you! Thank you for standing with me as I pour out my heart, admit to my fears, and confess to my vulnerabilities.

But please don’t leave me hanging in the confession club on my own though. Join the party. Tell me in the comments below – what are you afraid of? What risks are you taking at the moment? What risks are you NOT taking that you secretly wish you were?

Then head on over to Facebook and say “hello”. Introduce yourself. Tell me a little about your life, who you are, and who you want to be.

I can’t wait to get to know you.

To your health + happiness,